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For the Children

By Robert D. Eldridge, Ph.D. | September 25, 2014

Every year, the Marine Corps in Okinawa, and throughout Japan, hosts hundreds of events, big and small, where intercultural exchanges take place, new friendships are started, and existing relationships are strengthened. These community relations activities include English language classes, festivals, open house days, base tours, clean-ups, sporting MORE
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Valiant Shield Shows Positive Impact on Tinian Valiant Shield Shows Positive Impact on Tinian

By Staff Sgt. Warren Peace | September 21, 2014

Citizens of Tinian, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, say Exercise Valiant Shield 2014 is boosting their economy, creating part-time jobs and building lasting relationships.  About 450 members from the U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Guam National Guard are on Tinian as of Sept. 18 for VS14. U.S. forces use Tinian’s airfields MORE
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Recon Marines infiltrate beach, conduct raid

By Cpl. Lena Wakayama | September 21, 2014

Reconnaissance Marines conducted a simulated limited scale raid Sept. 20 at U.S. Naval Base Guam during Exercise Valiant Shield 2014.  The goal of the raid is to neutralize a command and control cell in order to aid a company of infantry Marines seize an airfield, according to Maj. Jason Vose, the operations officer of 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, MORE
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Forecasters prepare for Valiant Shield 2014

By Lance Cpl. Tyler Ngiraswei | September 19, 2014

It is argued that the weather cost the French the Battle of Agincourt as their horses struggled across the swampy land in pursuit of Henry V’s significantly smaller British Army.   “If you look across history in different battles, a lot of them have been decided by the weather or it has played a significant part,” said Warrant Officer Jason R. Tyx, MORE
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Forward observers guide rounds during ARTP 14-2 Forward observers guide rounds during ARTP 14-2

By Sgt. Matthew Manning | September 19, 2014

During any live-fire artillery training, success is based on achieving a level of proficiency, not on the number of rounds fired.  For Marines taking part in Artillery Relocation Training Program 14-2, forward observers with the fire support teams ensure this level of proficiency is met by accurately directing fire support onto targets.  "We call MORE
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