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OP/ED: The Osprey is a Savior to the Residents of Outer Islands OP/ED: The Osprey is a Savior to the Residents of Outer Islands

By Dr. Shigeo Ichiki | August 27, 2014

In July 2013, my six-year old son became seriously ill with acute lymphadenitis and he had to be medically evacuated by the Japan Self-Defense Force to a hospital in Tokyo on Honshu 1000km away. Because it was near sunset when he fell ill, a US-2 sea plane could not be dispatched to our community on Chichi Jima. Instead, my son was taken by an MORE
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Community members, Marines, sailors come together for beach cleanup Community members, Marines, sailors come together for beach cleanup

By Lance Cpl. Abbey Perria | August 27, 2014

 More than 100 Marines and sailors from Camp Hansen volunteered to help with an annual beach cleanup Aug. 23 at the Kin Town Fishing Port.   The Kin Town Social Welfare Office coordinated the event, and invited local residents and Camp Hansen military members to pick up trash and enjoy local cuisine.  “Camp Hansen is very close to Kin Town,” said MORE
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COMMENTARY: Bosai no Hi – Japan’s National Disaster Reduction Day as a Way Not to Forget Past Tragedies

By Setsuko KAWAHARA | August 27, 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Bosai no Hi,” or Disaster Reduction Day? As is well-known, Japan has experienced a number of serious natural disasters, so much so that I often describe Japan as a department store of natural disasters. In fact, the disasters which have hit the country in the past are wide-ranging—from earthquakes and tsunamis to MORE
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Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming

By Lance Cpl. Tyler Ngiraswei | August 25, 2014

 A young boy puts goggles on and lowers himself into the water. His weapon loaded, he quietly makes his way toward his target tuning out the noise around him.   His target, a U.S. Marine, is caught off-guard as the boy creeps up behind him and shoots him with a stream of water. Everybody around them begins to laugh.  Marines and sailors stationed MORE
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III MEF Band plays on 70th anniversary of Guam's liberation III MEF Band plays on 70th anniversary of Guam’s liberation

By Lance Cpl. Drew Tech | August 20, 2014

 Members of the III Marine Expeditionary Force Band took part in numerous events celebrating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Guam July 18-22 on the Marianas Island of Guam.  The band provided support for through musical performances at different ceremonies, and acted as representatives of the Marine Corps for the liberation MORE
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