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Okinawa Marines in the Asia-Pacific region

Okinawa, Japan
H&HS receives 2016 NDTA Military Unit of the Year Award

By Cpl. Jessica Collins | Marine Corps Installations Pacific | April 3, 2017


Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, also known as Magic, received the 2016 National Defense Transportation Association Military Unit of the Year Award March 29 on the flight line of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma.

The award recognizes outstanding military units which have accomplished unusual and outstanding service in the field of transportation and logistics.

“Every single person in this command has contributed to this achievement,” said Lt. Col. Henry Dolberry, the commanding officer of H&HS, MCAS Futenma, Marine Corps Installations Pacific. “Our Magic family is usually working when others are secured due for holidays, typhoons, etc. Someone has to cook chow for the people aboard the station.  Someone has to monitor the weather for significant changes.  Someone has to be ready to fight fires aboard the station.  The bottom line is that I love the Marines, sailors, civilians and master labor contractors for all the work they put in.”

The Marine Corps picked H&HS to go head-to-head against the other branches of service for this award, and they came out on top.

“It’s not just about the transportation or logistics,” said Maj. Gen. Joaquin F. Malavet, commanding general of MCIPAC. “It’s the manner in which H&HS accomplished their mission sets in a region that continues to grow more complex. They ensure that our critical mission sets are brought together to enable power projection across the Indo-Asia-Pacific for MCIPAC.”

Magic has a long history of outstanding service. They reached a milestone 100,000 flight hours without incident just three years ago.

“Magic’s mission never stops,” said Dolberry. “We have a responsibility to make sure the operating forces have what they need to be successful and we take that very seriously.  Our motto is Servire Existamus: ‘We Exist to Serve.’ We will continue to do so with pride and honor.”