Scott rated excellent in UCI

28 Aug 2008 | Airman 1st Class Amber Kelly-Woodward

Specific units from Scott were inspected by the Air Mobility Command Inspector General during a limited unit compliance inspection from Aug. 19-22 and was rated overall excellent. 

"The 375th Airmen, active duty Airmen and civilian Airmen, are ready," said Col. Gary Goldstone, 375th Airlift Wing commander. "We do it right the first time and on time, every time." 

Five ratings were possible: (in order from bad to good) unsatisfactory, marginal, satisfactory, excellent and outstanding. 

The 375th Communications Squadron MAJCOM communications support flight was the only unit to receive an outstanding on their inspection. 

The units which were rated excellent included the 375th AW Public Affairs multimedia and 375th CS training, infrastructure, spectrum management, electronics maintenance, network infrastructure accounting and communication and information. 

The 375th CS spectrum management and life cycle and work group management units received a satisfactory on their inspections. 

Certain teams were also recognized for their outstanding work during the inspections. 

The 375th CS 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center's information technology level two support team and information technology operations flight, communication focal point team, quality assurance team, server management team and software engineering team, the 375th Communications Support Squadron's GATES support team and the 375th AW Public Affairs multimedia team each received team recognition certificates.
Individual recognition was also given individuals who greatly contributed to the success of the inspections. 

375th CS individuals included Tech. Sgt. Troy Johnson, Steve Bommarito, Karen Frey and Senior Airman Mabel Salonga. Susan Kunz from the 375th AW was also recognized.
Each individual received a coin. 

"I was very impressed," said Col. Mark Schmitz, AMC headquarters IG team chief. "I've never seen a wing so well prepared and motivated for an inspection. I was also impressed by the active duty and contractors who acted as one team." 

Colonel Schmitz ended his presentation with a salute to the SNCO's, he said who are key to the success of each unit. 

The main object of the inspection was compliance with AMC directives and by law requirements checklists. Areas assessed during the inspection included unit training, workplace safety and unit deployment records. 

"I thank the IG team for providing us with their information, professionalism and detailed inspections," said Colonel Goldstone. "As you all know I just took command last week and this is a great indication of what is to follow."