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MCIPAC Communication Strategy and Operations


MCIPAC Communication Strategy and Operations

Okinawa Marines in the Asia-Pacific region

Okinawa, Japan
One mind, Any weapon

By Lance Cpl. Nicole Rogge | Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji | April 15, 2019


After three grueling weeks of intense physical and mental training, Marines completed the Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Course April 10 at Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji, Gotemba, Japan.

The MAI course brought Marines stationed across 15 countries together to endure rigorous training and earn a tab for their MCMAP belt, signifying them as Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructors.

“This is a very unique course because not only are we stationed around the world, we are all from different units and on our second or third enlistment,” said Sgt. Colin H. Burlison, a Marine Security Guard with Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, Region 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. “Typically an MAI course will contain an abundance of Marines from the same battalion, so their perspectives on teaching and leadership are very similar. Here, we all think differently and have learned a great deal from each other.”

MCMAP is a fundamental skill for all Marines, beginning in boot camp. It strengthens combat readiness and promotes physical fitness.
During the course Marines underwent martial arts drills including body sparring, pugil stick bouts and standing striking. They were also required to take nutrition classes and learn the anatomy and physiology of the body.

“I wanted to host the course at Camp Fuji because of the unique location, and my predecessor had great stories of a course he taught here in the past,” said Burlison.

After graduating, the Marines will return to their duty stations and share their newly acquired knowledge, as well as their experience with the Marines of their unit.